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This sounds fantastic! I have a few suspicions about Aravinder's character. (If I'm right, I have some other films to recommend!) I've put it in the queue/rental list and hopefully I'll have a chance to watch it before next Monday.


As always, I worry that I love this so much that it won't live up to the expectations I've raised -- but I'd love to hear what you think once you've seen it! And ALL recommendations welcome.


oh this sounds absolutely lovely. I probably won't have a chance to see this for an eternity given my ridiculous backlog of films, so I'm looking forward to reading your further explorations of the film and living vicariously that way :)


Where can I buy this movie with subtitles? Looking everywhere for this and a few other Malayalam movies. Can you help?

Katherine Matthews

Tapasya, I usually buy Malayalam DVDs from My India Shopping, but it looks, at the moment, as if they only have this film in a 3-in-1, which won't have subtitles. It's disappeared from most of the places I usually search out, but AP International still seem to have it on their site http://www.apinternationalfilms.com/index.php?route=product/product&filter_name=nandhanam&product_id=87

I'm finding Ranjith's earlier films getting harder to get, so good luck and I hope you get a copy of it, it's a lovely film.

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