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I know you said "let's not get into all that speculation..." and I know I'm biased, because I know what I want to be true...but I genuinely do suspect that they are keeping Govinda's part hush-hush so that it's an awesome surprise. It makes sense not to show all your aces before the film releases, and there's certainly enough interest in the film as it is without having to say/reveal anything else. Even if the size of his role is relatively small but pivotal, I'm thinking that if they're keeping it so quiet it bodes pretty well. Touch wood and all that, but I'm thinking it could do for Chi Chi what Omkara did for Saif - e.g. make people sit up and take notice.


The only thing that concerns me about the whole "Mani was happy/Mani was not" stuff is that I can't be sure if that's part of the film's publicity plan, or if the press is just making up stories as they can do to stir the pot and get people to read them.

I'm also wary -- because I've got my hopes up that this is going to be a delicious role for Govinda, and every time I've got my hopes up for something this past year, I've been disappointed. And the last thing I want to be is disappointed with Govinda. Again (Do Knot Disturb made me cry).


Good to see that even others are intrigued by the way govinda has been sidelined from the publicity but then even Vikram is shown only in the theatrical trailer and no where else.

I cant make up my mind and decide if they are keeping it hush hush or Govinda actually has just a small role.When i look at the trailers it seems that he has a very small role..but then why would you take Govinda if the role is bink and miss. I guess his role will be as big as Mithun's role in Guru in terms of screen time but more significant. I personally think that Govinda has a decent role because in the website they have just talked about 4 actons namely Ash, abhi, vikram and Govinda...Govinda will enter the movie at the interval time and will have a meaty role from there on. Atleast thats what i think....I really want to see Govinda's true potential as an actor and i have a feeling that if it doesnt happen this time, it might not happen again.


Ah, Pankaj, I hadn't thought about the possibility of Govinda entering post-interval, that's a good one! And that fits with the whole, "special appearance" spin he's giving it.

And I totally agree with you -- Govinda's time is running short. I adore him, but even I can see that unless he figures out how to use his talents and stop wasting them on crap films, then he might as well pack up and retire. And that's a thought that makes me rather sad, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for him (as I think so many other Govinda fans are).


I couldnt have agreed more with you Katherine..I follow Govinda on twitter and one person asked him why he has Raavan poster on twitter to which he replied" Main bhi to hun usme" In response to another tweet where he was asked if he has a guest appearance he tweeted "Go and watch the film". This clearly suggests that his role is being kept under wrap due to some reason. He also tweeted that he will not be tweeting for a couple of months as he will be travelling to IIFA and then will be busy with film promotions. But i guess they will show more of Vikram and Govinda in the promos towards the final week or so because currently there is an overdose of Ash-Abhi in the promos.It gives a perception that there are only two caracters in the movie which obviously doesnt auger well with people like us. Raavan will anyways open huge in multiplexes (This is the most talked about movie of recent times)however the small centers might get luke warm response. Govinda still has amazing fan base in smaller towns and can help the movie get a bigger opening in smaller centers which have primarliy single screen theatres. The problem right now is that 90% dont even know that govinda is part of Raavan and the remaining 10% that knows about it are avid movie buffs like us who dig deep into the search engines to extract information. I hope better sense prevails and they show Govinda and Vikram in dialogue promos.


I said they will show more of Govinda and Vikram in the week approaching the release and now you see more of them in the action trailer that was released a few days back on internet..havent seen it on TV though:)


Yes! I saw that on the official site, it's *very* intriguing. It'll be interesting to see what else they throw at us in the next week.



Mani Ratnam has praised Govinda in one of his interviews. As per him his role has shaped up really well and he feels audience will really like it...my guess is that now we will get to see a few dialoge promos featuring Govinda and Vikram....I know i am repeating myself here but exluding Govinda from promos could mean a slow start at smaller centers...Trust me, i belong to Dehra Dun and was there just a few weeks back and whenever there is a govinda movie on TV every house will watch it during the afternoon...He is more popular than ash/abhi in those cities


I read some of Mani's comments this morning -- not a lot of screen time, but a role with great impact. Which will suit me just fine :-)

I know what you mean about Govinda's popularity -- even all the way over here in Canada. The independent cinema that shows Bollywood movies has been advertising Banda Yeh Bindaas Hai for at least a couple of months now!


Hmm...thats strange..that they have been selling Banda yeh bindaas hai in Canada wherein there is no sign of this movie in India. It was supposed to release last year...They even released movie shots...but nothing else...the release data just keeps moving ahead....By the way my guess about Raavan is that either it will become a huge hit..wherein people will talk about it for years to come or it will face outright rejection. One thing is now confirmed..that Govinda enters the movie just before interval...


I know! There was a July release date at one point, but I suspect it's going to be a long time before we see BYBH (if at all). But just a sign of how much the local population looks forward to even a hint of a Govinda film.

So, your guess as to when he'd appear is pretty much spot on -- good call!


Katherine if you dont mind me asking.are you an Indian? I mean you seem to have very good knowledge about indian Films and you live in canada. Just curious..Well i went through Abhishek Bachann's chat on Bollywood hungama..This again proves that Govinda's role will not be insignificant.

A Guy asked him why Govinda is not in the promos and what kind of role does he have in the film. To this Abhishek replied. "He is there in promos now and he will be seen like never before in Raavan" Lets keep the fingers crossed. By the way i am watching Raavan on Saturday with my entire group of freinds from college days...will let you know what i thought of the movie..take care


I'm not Indian -- just have an incredible fondness for the movies, and am trying to learn as much as I can.

I'm hoping to go on Friday when it opens -- for me, that means about an hour's drive into the city, but it'll be worth it, I hope.

Looking forward to hearing what you have to say once you've seen the film!


WOW...i am really impressed. Way to go Katherine. I guess you will watch it before me...cant watch it on Friday have meetings lined up in office...will wait for your review on Friday.


getting tweets for raavan. Very positive tweets...everyone stating that its mani's best work in years...can wait to watch it


I guess right now..internet is full of tweets which are nothing but bluff..the movie was premeired yesterday in London and it seems that everyone managed to see it. Will wait for the real reviews to come in


I'm hearing rumours on both sides: that it's brilliant, that it's dreadful. Wouldn't be a Mani film if it didn't divide people, right?

But I'm with you, I'm trying to tune it all out, at least 'til after I've seen the film myself.


The only proper review so far has been from Times of India..rest is all twitter...They had just one premeire in london yesterday which by the way was attendance through invite yet it seems thousands have already seen the movie..Times of india which is the largest selling newspaper in India has given it 3.5/5.

And i agree with you that Mani's movie will always generate a lot of opinions and that will happen only if the movie is thought provoking.

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