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I think i had the exact same feeling when the trailer was posted that the treatment of the girls might just be too tough to watch. Unfortunate as it will (and has) hurt the box office i am sure and wont work as if you've bought a ticket, you already understand to some degree the horror and don't want to see it explicitly (at least in my case)

this might just be a DVD watch like Aiyaa unfortunately for Rani's BO bankability (which however they would like to play it, is still quite important)


Yeah, Asim, the trailer hinted at stuff and it was already setting off warning bells for me. But I really hoped that in the context of the whole film things would be better, but they weren't. That's where Thira did a much better job. Vineeth Srineevasan had me feeling horror and anger, but not physically sick watching his film. He had a firm grasp on that line. And I don't mind tough to watch if it serves the issue -- but I felt the envelope was just pushed a little too far in Mardaani.

Irony, that I adored Rani's performance in both this and Aiyaa. Makes you realize how breathtakingly talented she is.

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