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Stuart Martin

"I want to see this film so badly I could almost cry" - I nearly did. It looks SO MUCH fun that I actually did come close to being damp-eyed in frustration at knowing that, like ETT, I will have to wait for the DVD of this one.


And of course, it will look fabulous on the big screen. Sigh. Why is it only the rubbish films are assured of international distribution?


Aiyyaa is going to be released in north America. This is from Kashyap's Q&A session at TIFF. The movie that will not get released is Chittagong. In fact Kashyap has written dialogues for Taalash and is producer of Luv Shuv tey Chicken Khurrana will also get released in north America. All three will be released by the end of the this year.

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