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I'm relieved! And so very happy that you loved the film. It is highly entertaining as good masala should be, and there are some nice little details strewn about as well as the good performances. The songs are so much fun! I liked the way they amplified the characters and gave us a window into their inner lives. Anyway, I'm delighted your introduction to Chiranjeevi as an actor/star was a positive one, and loved reading your thoughts. Excellent work on the transcribed subtitles too - I had almost forgotten how cheeky that song was. Happy Megabirthday! Cheers, Temple


You know, I think it was all those little details that really made the film for me -- they were the kind of things that raise standard masala fare into something more delightful to watch.

Thank you so much for the suggestion, and for further recommendations. I can't believe I waited this long to watch a whole film, but am looking forward to more :-)

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