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Thank you so much for this list! There are a couple of films on your list that I'm also really looking forward to, Heroine and Talaash. Mostly, though, I wam grateful for your mentioing Midnight's Children, reminmding me that i's one of those "why haven't I read this yet?" books, and prompting me to correct that as soon as possible. That way, I'll be in a positrion to see if Mehta can bounce back from the disappointing Water.


And I forgot to add Mira Nair's The Reluctant Fundamentalist, which is on the list of films coming to TIFF -- as is Midnight's Children (probably no secret there, really).

For a while I thought Talaash might make the list, but now I'm not so sure. Cameron Bailey did a little hemming and deflecting about it in an interview earlier in the week. That could just be him not wanting to give anything away, but I think there is a question of when exactly that film is going to be ready.

The biggest surprise today was to hear that Gauri Shinde's English Vinglish is getting a premiere spot at the festival. I think that's a nice testament to the importance of Sridevi in Indian cinema, that her comeback film is worthy of a prime spot at TIFF.

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