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I finally got around to watching Salt n Pepper, and immediately had to find your review, which sums up so much that is great about this movie. You mentioned Maya's voice (which was awesome), and I was also so struck by Lal's voice. I'm sure I've seen him in other films, but he really made an impression here.

I also liked how they used the younger couple to squeeze in the requisite number of songs.


Oh, Liz, you do not know how much I adore Lal's voice. And interesting, it's a voice that has changed over the years. I saw him in the 1998 film Punjabi House the other day, and I could barely recognize him, and had to listen really carefully to hear that it was, indeed, him.

I have to say, I love this film to bits.


Swetha menon wins Kerala state film award 2012 (best actor female) for her role in Salt n Pepper :-)

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