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"Far too many films don't make it to theatres over here, as my constant whinging about not being able to see Paan Singh Tomar would attest to" - I hope I get saintliness points for resisting the urge to reply to this with a snide remark. :)

Mela is, of course, not available here, so this yet another really interesting film that I will have to hope comes out on DVD. Thanks for alerting me to its existence


Indeed, admirable restraint on your part.

I don't know anything of Mela's plans, but I would not be surprised one bit to find them expanding beyond their current markets. No consolation for right now, but still.

And Good Night Good Morning was out on DVD not long after its release, perhaps the same will be true of Chaurahen?


Hi @Likhaavat--where are you located? Mela is available worldwide as an iPad App!

Katherine-So glad that you enjoyed GNGM and are looking forward to Chaurahen, it's films like these that really get the most out of a service like Mela and people like you, who appreciates them, that Mela aims to bring quality content to. Thanks for subscribing!


Anisha - I am in Aotearoa/New Zealand, and do not own an iPad, so no Mela for me. Happily excellent blogs like Katherine's alert me to movies that are worth looking out for on DVD.

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