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dustdevil liz

Thank you for reminding me of the intercut fight scenes--that was definitely one of my "ooh, cool!" moments in the film.
As I'm thinking more about it, I think it would have been stronger if the villains had been more clearly identified and more "eeeeviiilll". The actors playing them all were great, but they could have had more bite, and wouldn't it have been interesting if somehow one of those bad guys was the puppet-master of Iram's situation.


I loved that fight scene, thought it was a brilliant way to quickly show us that bit of backstory.

I agree with you on the villain front, too. I wonder if that's why some people feel there were too many of them. I didn't, but I did wish they'd been weighted differently in the film, and like you say, given more bite.

I think the last half hour or so really did impact how I felt about the film. When I started going through my notes and remembered even more things I loved, my overall feeling about the film improved. It was obvious from my notes that, especially in the early parts of the film, there was lots I loved to bits, and I would seriously love to seem them take a second crack at something with Vinod.

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