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Great work on compiling all of the shots with the Taj Mahal in the background. I really hope that Shaad Ali makes another film one of these days.


Hee, it was only the 2nd time through the film that I realized the Taj was sprinkled through it -- it was fun going through it and taking the screencaps.

I'm with you, so wish Shaadi Ali would make another film. I've not seen his first one (and I think I'm going to fix that very soon), but I loved BAB and JBJ so very, very much.


OK, I give up. I tried, REALLY< REALLY tried to find the Taj in Kajra Re, but the task was beyond me. You are a cruel and vicious woman, to expect me to somehow take my eyes off Aish when she was at her most drop dead beautiful, assiduously seducing her honewala sasur. They could have filmed it IN the Taj and I wouldn't have seen it. Time marker, please?


@maxqnz LOL, I think it's actually easier to seen in the film which isn't quite as cut off across the top.

Go to: 2:08 or 2:30 or 3:46 or especially 7:00 and then look through the window in the background, and voila.

I actually think it's not a coincidence that the place they're dancing in is also dome-shaped, I'm sure that's a purposeful reference, too, because there are so many purposeful references in that film.

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