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Caitlin E. O'Conner

Hey, first comment here, but I totally agree with you. I kept seeing the Taj in Bunty Aur Babli too — yes, including this fake one in Kajra Re — and I thought I was just going crazy!


" but a kind of "item number stylized version" of it" THAT I totally saw. I also agree that the whole set for Kajra Re is designed to evoke the Taj, which hadn't occurred to me before reading your excellent post. When I saw the bit you have circled here, on my many slow-speed rewatches after your earlier post, I thought it was a representation of the Taj. I also thought it quite possible that I simply need better glasses!


@Caitlin Welcome, and thanks for leaving a comment! And to be honest, it was only after I'd watched the film a few times that I had an "ah ha" moment during Kajra Re.

@maxqnz Yes, I should have been clearer that I didn't mean the Actual Taj there, definitely not like in those scenes where they shot with the monument in the background. But I'm glad you liked the post. :-)

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