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I have high hopes for Second Show and Dulquar Salman (you can't not become a hero with a name like that).

The style of the trailer seems inspired by the Aaranya Kaandam trailer with the humour of the Oram Po trailer.
Though this looks darker than Oram Po and more light-hearted than Aaranya Kaandam.

Have you heard the songs? They are all good. The band Avial has a couple of songs in it too.


Second show is getting good reviews.... so there is hope!



Thanks for all those links -- and now I'm keen to see the two Tamil films, as well! I read this kind of garbled interview with Mammootty, but essentially the jist was he was asked why his son was debuting in this way (obviously not a splashy-hero-type-star-kid debut film), and his response was kind of, let the kid learn the ropes and make his own way/name for himself. After that, Second Show shot right to the top of my DVD wish list for this year.

I've not heard the songs yet, I tend to avoid listening until after I've seen the film (that works well for me with Hindi films, am actually re-thinking for Malayalam ones, especially when I get recommendataions and I like the songs). But I love Avial, that just adds to my wanting to see the film!


Yes, I'm starting to get a good feeling about Second Show now. Sadly, I begin the wait on DVDs, which always seem to take SO LONG to come out (am still waiting on films from last year....sigh...)


Second Show is now considered to be the first hit of 2012.

English subbed trailer:


Oh, thank you SO much for that trailer! So very, very much looking forward to this now.

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