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I will most definitely try to play along, though I'll be in India for enough of March that I'm not sure I'll be able to post much of substance. Tweets, though, yes. :D


That's an awesome idea!


Liz C

Beth, you should definitely tweet/email photos of film ads and posters with women from India!

I'm in. I have two or three ideas, and will hopefully be able to put some time towards this. I'll also volunteer to pull together a list (for you to post, or I can do it on my blog) of some existing posts that people have done that might fit in nicely.


I'm in. I have a couple of suitable films planned already and will see what else strikes my fancy. Cheers, Temple


@beth As Liz points out, there definitely things you could add to this mix via Twitter!

@Asim Does this mean you're in? ;-)

@Liz That would be brilliant! You should put it on your blog, if you're doing the work, and everthing will just get added into the list of links at Delicious anyway for everyone to enjoy.

@Temple Super!

Krishna Kavita Kasturi

Am definitely in, wonderful idea. Will write an article for sure. Though don't really subscribe to the Adam Rib's theory - I lean more towards the 'Ardhanareshwara' concept :)


My next two blog posts are abuot my two favourite actresses, so in this post I see somewhat suspiciously serendipitous synchronicity..


The plan was to work on the representation of the white woman in the indian cinema but february flew by and I don't have much to go by. So I'll try to still work around that problematic but with a less academic approach than originally expected.


@Krishna Kavita Kasturi You may approach this any way you please, and I'm curious to see what you'll do, I'm sure this will be a learning experience for me.

@maxqnz Serendipity indeed!

@Isabel Consider it research and a warm-up for what you'll do with the subject later. :-)

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