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What a great review, thanks. Being one of those few who intensely dislikes the Coward/Caine original, I could have done without the blend (and I wouldn't have objected to the absence of Caine's classic line because he totally owns that). This was a film I wanted to like, the first really BIG Hindi film shot mostly here. But any film in which so many reviewers describe Johnny Lever as the best thing about it is definitely not for me. So, thanks for making it clear that I should avoid this film for my own peace of mind.


Thanks, and of course, you are quite right about Caine's classic line :-)

I'd say they pulled more from the 2003 version than the original -- I've been thinking about doing a disection of that, perhaps when the DVD finally comes out. But that's my guess based on what I can remember.

And as I mentioned on Twitter, Johny Lever's presence is minimal, should you ever decide to watch just to see the beauty of NZ.

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