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Malamaal Weekly was NOT "loosely based on "Waking Ned Devine", it was a very clear and close copy. This is not a criticism, though. I Saw Ned Devine first and really liked it, but I still actually prefer Malamaal Weekly. Like Salaam-e-Ishq, another very obvious copy (of Love Actually), Malamaal succefully Indianised the story AND added something in the process. In its case, it was in showing more of the negative consequences of the win, it did more to highlight what the windfall did in terms of bringing out the worst in people than Ned Devine did, and I liked it for that. But certainly in tgerms of plot and story, it's closer to frame by frame than "loosely copied"


I shall take your word for it, because I've not seen Malamaal Weekly myself, was only relying on what I've read/heard about it, so erred on the side of giving the benefit of doubt. Though after having watched a bit of it online to find Innocent in it, I'm actually keen to get a DVD and watch the whole thing, frame by frame copy or not.

But of course, my real point was that it was very unlikely that a remake of Marykkundoru Kunjadu was going to be called Malamaal Weekly, since Priyadarshan obviously has already made that film/used that title. And it makes me wonder if a remake is really in the works, or if someone was thinking wishfully given the tendency to remake Mallu films, or if someone got part of the info right and then the rest wrong.

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