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I watched the trailer and was seriously unimpressed. The director's unfortunate tendency to use immature and misogynistic language when writing online didn't help either.

But your glowing review has definitely piqued my interest. I might even be willing to watch this film out of curiosity if it was ever accessible in a non-Mela format.


Oh, I just went and watched the trailer. Glad I didn't see that first, I agree, that is unimpressive, and really doesn't reflect the film that I actually watched at all.

I would say that technically the film doesn't match up to the quality of the writing, but I can forgive it that, because I loved how smart it was.

And all I've seen is that one rant, and though I might agree he could have phrased his frustrations better or differently, some of what he touched on *is* stuff I hear privately from indie filmmakers.

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