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Dolce and Namak

This is in my next basket! Can't wait to get it. Now even more after reading your review! Let's hope Indian Rupee comes out soon so I can finally ship that basket my way! :)


I have been watching and watching for Indian Rupee. Oy, Prayanam hasn't even come out yet, and that was SEPTEMBER!

Traffic was one of my top 5 films from last year, of that I'm sure (even though I've only seen a half year's worth of films!)


I got this after some quick Google research when I wanted to test out a store which seemed to sell every language of Indian films by buying a film from each language (well, almost). It was listed among the best films of the year on Rediff and though I mistrust Rediff on Hindi films, I figured on this one they might be right.

I watched it and was so satisfied with my purchase. The acting and the linked, interwoven stories and especially the happenings on the second half made it a really good experience. My review is here in case you got curious: http://sotheydance.blogspot.fi/2012/08/story-first-traffic-malayalam-gem.html

I can still count my Mollywood watching with one hand, so it's not that surprising that Traffic is so far the best one I've seen. But I'm trying to keep an eye out for more..

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