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I think the only possible response is VAH! :) I won't see the film until tomorrow but I'm not sure I need to in order to at least appreciate your efforts here. :)


Thanks. I've always loved that poem, and it was the first thing that came to mind yesterday after seeing the film. Of course, had I been true to the original, Don would have been in every verse, but there we are :-)


That was a thing of beauty! While I enjoyed many of the parts of Don 2, I left feeling a little unsatisfied. But now that I'm considering it as a modernist poem instead of an action-international crime movie, it is definitely growing on me.


Thanks, Liz -- you know, I think I went in with few expectations, and I just let myself be carried along by it. Plus, what I loved best was the sense of style of it all, so that did not disappoint me.

I won't rule out the fact that I'd had maybe two hours sleep before we drove to the theatre for an early morning show, so perhaps it was just my brain turned off completely that allowed to me just enjoy the ride.


J'adore. SO many different review for this movie, but gotta admit yours is the most inventive.

Still need to do my review but waiting for a better copy to watch and caps ^^


Merci, Isabel -- I've long wanted to do something with this poem, but never found the right thing until Don2 came along. :-)

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