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Great work, I loved hearing about the Deol family discussions around Socha Na Tha, and I'm going to have to rewatch it soon. If you make it to the films, have a great time!


What struck me, and it struck me when I met Anupam Kher, too, was the lovely manners. I'm a sucker for good manners. :-)

Sadly, the only film I have a hope of making it to is Manorama Six Feet Under. Sadly only because I wish I could have gone to them all -- MSFU is actually a film I like a lot. But it's got a late start, and I think I might be ready to crash by the time 10 p.m. rolls around.


such a nice write up, i totally get how nerve racking these stars are even when you keep repeating yourself that they are just normal people heheh
Love the picture too, Rob took it right?



Aw, thanks Asim -- yeah, you know, I thought, okay, now that I've done this one, the next one will be easier. But I'm totally betting it won't be. Of course, that assumes there'll be a next time :-)

And nope, the photo is mine. I like playing around with a couple of apps I have on the iPhone, including Hipstamatic, and this is one of the ones I managed to capture that night, and I kind of liked it, Abhay framed like that in B&W.

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