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dustdevil liz

I think my new aspiration is to semi-retire to Toronto in July-October to watch films and go to festivals. (The Seniors Idol competition listed on the MMM page might be right up my alley!)

I think my appreciation of Abhay has plummeted a bit in the last few months, so it will be good to revisit some of these films.


I have to admit, I was surprised to see that Q&A on the schedule, hoping I'll be able to get in!

My dream is to one day be able to afford to stay in a hotel in Toronto for ten days during TIFF, buy the biggest film package they have, then spend every waking moment watching films. Maybe one year I'll make that happen :-)


I remember seeing Socha Na Tha when it was released and being surprised as how very natural Abhay is on screen. As you say, the leads make this a very watchable film.


@Suja There are certainly some lovely moments in the film -- I also love the relationship between Abhay's character and his sister-in-law, also nicely drawn.

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