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Lovely! I was going to try to make the RK logo out of play-doh yesterday ...


..."countless films copied the scene the failed to recreate the magic". Too true! I can't remember what it was I was watching the other day (that's how much they failed to recreate the magic) but at one point the heroine swooned in the hero's arms in SUCH a calculated recreation of the classic scene/logo that I YELLED AT THE SCREEN.


@amaluu I would like to see the logo in play-doh. I would.

@ness I suspect the black umbrella is more successfully replicated. When I read that, I couldn't actually remember a recreation myself, but with the number of films I've seen, I'm sure I must have, and like you, found it just not all that memorable. :-)


well of course - I probably only noticed it anyway because it's Kapoor Khazana and so I was more attuned to it than usual - any other time a swoon just looks like...a swoon. Whereas I think you're right, the umbrella scene is way more iconic in terms of being recognisably recreated

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