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Dolce and Namak

Ah yes, there really is only one Bebo! The glam, the chic, the diva quality, she's got it all. I love her :)
I have to say her live performances range anywhere from lifeless to positively delightful, and this one scores pretty high towards the top of that scale. Thank you for this link, I had totally forgotten about this one! Just wish they had kept it lighter on the choppy editing, but then they always do this for IIFA for some reason, so whatever.


Oh, yeah, the IIFA camerawork always leaves so much to be desired.

I actually had seen very little from last year, and really liked this one when I saw the snip on tv, so I had to go find the full clip. The more I see of her, the more I love her. :-)


Aye carumba, this makes me want to rewatch KI just for that song! I hope she does another JWM style film soon.


You know what? I watched that and realized I didn't like KI, but loved Kareena. I didn't like 3 Idiots, but loved Kareena. She makes stuff I don't like so much better. Mind you, JWM I adore, so I'm with you, I wish someone would give her another film of that calibre again.


You're probably right - subjecting myself to all of KI just for the Bebo song would be masochistic. Intrigued by her pairing with SRK in the Angoor remake - I'll watch it for her, not him.

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