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OHH MY LORDY! They made a song called Akira Kurosawa!! I just about died listening to this, highlight of my week. This looks like such a nice film, as memsaab praised it too, and I can't resist a meta referential film like this so I must find it! I must say it is so good to see Priyanshu in a film after such an absence!


I am totally, completely and utterly in love with Priyanshu Chatterjee's voice, so much so that I was practically dancing with joy to discover he's in Pinjar, which I bought very recently :-)

And Rum, I swear, I've seen the film ten times or more, and every time I end up in hysterics at the Akira Kurosawa song. And I'm with you, any film that goes meta like this one is automatically right up my alley.

Account Deleted

Hi...! I'm pleasantly surprised to find this very well written piece on my film 'Chintu ji'. And all the encouraging comments by others. It's a great solace to know that there are some people in our country who have fine sense of humour and can go deep to understand the true meaning behind a film. It made my effort worth while. I'm really grateful to you,folks.God bless you all !

Your's sincerely,

Ranjit Kapoor
July 22nd, 2011.


@ Ranjit Kapoor

Well. I'm totally gobsmacked to find a comment from you here on my blog. You have totally and utterly made my day, and I'm so chuffed that you liked the write-up of Chintu-Ji. Thank you for the film, as you can probably tell, I really enjoyed it :-)

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