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I have tried 3 times to watch this movie and failed every single time. I just got so bored. And the whole "Happy Club" really turned me off. So I really commend you on getting through the film. :-)


Well, I was motivated by the fact that I'd agreed to write the review. But, to be honest, I watched AAA in prep for it, and couldn't figure out why everyone loved that, too. I think I actually liked APKGK more, personally :-)

I did like Ranbir in it a lot. And I think it's the only film with Katrina Kaif where I found her remotely bearable, so that's something.

I do wonder how I'd feel about it now, but not enough to motivate me to buy the DVD to find out.


OOOH! Are you going to write-up AAA??? It has Karishma!

I know that one is tough for more recent Bollywood watchers to swallow, but I absolutely LOVED it back in the day ... I'll have to re-watch to see if it's still funny.


I should have worded that differently. I don't really consider you a "more recent" Bollywood watcher ... obviously you are well versed in older films. I think I just meant having seen it when it released, in the context of 90s films.


@amaluu I know what you mean. I do think AAA might be one of those films that is more fondly remembered by those who saw it at the time of the release, maybe like DDLJ -- and maybe Bobby, too?

I think what I found is that I was actually engaged for about 40 minutes or so, and really laughing, and then? I just stopped laughing. I wonder if I should give it another try for Karisma's sake?

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