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(See what I did there? Hee.)
hehehe I do!

I love it when dialogues or devices appear repeatedly in a movie! The continuity always is a nice touch.

I had no idea Rockstar was shooting in Betaab Valley, awesome! And omg young!Sonu? I'm learning all kinds of things from your post :)


I think the continuity is one of the reasons I can forgive Javed Akhtar when the script is maybe not up to his highest standards -- because even then, you'll see the effort at that kind of attention to detail and continuity.

I have this vague idea in my head that Sonu played a younger version of Sonny in one other film, too, will have to go look that up to see if I'm right. I know he did a few acting gigs like that when he was younger.


Er. Sunny.

I really need to be caffeinated before I read or write anything in the morning.

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