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Wasn't there some controversy attached to this trailer? I have no clue what people could be offended about after watching it.looks a bit gritty and dark but looking forward to catching it. I have Gulaal waiting on my Dvd shelf too


Asim -- the original clips (I don't think it was really a trailer at that point) from the film were much more...graphic? That's not the right word -- not sexually explicit either, but still, more so than this version, and much grittier than this version. This is the version now on the TIFF website, too, but when they first booked the film, they had that original clip, which is what I saw. I think it's going to be a very challenging film to watch. And it will be interesting what happens with it, because if they wouldn't give a certificate to Paanch, what will they do with this?

Or maybe now that he's a more recognized filmmaker, especially with this film going to both Venice and Toronto, things will go more smoothly than for his first film? And I can't help but wonder if maybe that's a little bit of his intention -- I would love to ask him that...

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