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I'm so sad you don't feel up to any other Neetu projects! :( Still, it's great to be reminded of this one, speaking as someone who also squeed out loud in the cinema at the end of Love Aaj Kal :) I just watched a bum iteration of Neetu-Rishi that will be posted tomorrow...I had thought they were ALWAYS magical together, but apparently not.


I'm hoping to muster up enough energy to go digging out some clips, but a lot of projects ground to a halt around here in the last week, alas. Beyond my control, and better to be zen about it all rather than to spend energy being frustrated by it.

Anandini Sekhar

I too am TOTALLY excited about Do Dooni Char. Oh and remember my post about Govinda doing a remake of Nat'l Lampoon's European Vacation? I'd be thrilled if Rishi & Neetu wanted to do it instead.


I didn't even KNOW this movie was coming! And now I am SO HAPPY! I SO MUCH LOVE Rishi and Neetu. And actually - I think I love the present day them more than the past day them. Because soft cuddly papa bear Rishi is so, so, adoreable, and Neetu is just divine in any era.


It's a sweet lil film with a simple story but what you've really got to watch out for is the two of them. Rishi+Neetu=awesomeness!

Here's what I thought about the film -

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