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I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the Totally Filmi podcasts.
I don't get to see many Bollywood films, so the references generally go over my head, but I enjoy your enthusiasm, the polished production and the music.


Aw, thanks Mark -- and it's not hard to be enthusiastic when there's so much enthusiasm up there on the screen (witness the clip attached to this post :-) )


Dharam Veer HAS IT ALL! Neetu, obviously, but...BABY BOBBY DEOL (soooo cute) and the weird sadomasochistic relationship between Zeenat and Dharam...and the extreme awesomeness of Pran wrestling tigers? BEST MOVIE EVER.


Well, and that's the great thing with those Desai films -- there's just so much going on, and something in them for everyone. You might come at it because of Neetu, and then...tiger wrestling.



I agree with Ness - way high on my list of favorite and thoroughly wonderful films!


Yes, mine too -- wish I'd had more time to devote to Neetu week, and to this film, but it's just turned into one of those kind of months...

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