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Do have the instant streaming option too? In UK we have a similar service but they don't have internet streaming and I just find the idea of posting DVD's back and forth a bit archaic ;-)

BTw I think you should get 'I'm gonna git you sucka' and "black dynamite' wear an afro wig and have a blaxploitatation spoof double feature!


In fact, Netflix Canada is *only* streaming video -- which has Zip.ca saying that they're going to get their act in gear and actually do it, too.

I'm going to keep an eye on the selection over at Netflix, though -- it's possible they're just starting small and will add things in over time, and if that's the case, it may prove more interesting to sign up with them eventually.

They even have an iPhone app. Streaming movies on my phone, when I can get access to wifi, would be very tempting indeed.


That's odd that they didn't have any of Govinda's films listed.

When I first read about this, y'all were getting the streaming, not the delivery. I watched a Govinda movie on Netflix Instant the other week. (Do Knot Disturb) They've also got Life Partner.


I've heard some general grumbling all around regarding the selection -- I think people did actually expect they'd get everything that was on offer in the US. Instead, it's almost as if they're giving us a small selection just to test the waters -- which I bet they are. I'd also bet there are problems with the rights to some stuff, they don't have the rights to show them outside the US.

So, we'll see how it develops. Life Partner and Do Knot Disturb I've seen, though. Would have signed up in a heartbeat for the trial if they'd had My Name is Khan, though.

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