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but, so, okay, the question is then, when is it a remake, and when is it just a film that shares a theme common to several other films? after all, there are only (allegedly) 7 stories in the world, and everything is a variation of one of them, and the Robin Hood/corrupt cop working the system to help those who deserve it has been played out a tonne of times. Hell, I've seen Vikram do it more than once.

With wanted, they acknowledged from the get-go that it was a remake, did they not? So wouldn't they do the same this time round?


Yes, I suppose I didn't take it that far in trying to think it through, and obviously I'm not sharp enough to have thought of it.

I just heard the rumour, and found it interesting, it made me curious, I watched the film.

Anandini Sekhar

After seeing Dabangg I didn't find it to be a remake of Saamy, although there were a lot of typical tamil movie elements to it, it didn't seem like a remake of any specific Tamil movie. I loved Saamy, and I loved Dabangg, and while neither story was remarkably new or innovative, they drew you in for different reasons. That being said, I LOVE the Vikram pic-spam, so I love this post to bits. :-)


Yes, I believe Ness nailed it when she said it could just very well be a common theme being picked up on.

Sad to say, what I've seen of Dabangg (::cough::online::cough::) didn't thrill me -- it seemed all style and no substance, where Saamy definitely balances the two. However, it's not fair to judge a film based on what the pirates put up, so I'll refrain from saying more until I can properly see the film.

Bottom line, though, I'm glad the rumour finally forced me to sit down and watch all of Saamy, not just the bits I've skimmed through in the past.

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