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Yaaay for Mr India! Sridevi was just fabulous in this film and her sparring with Anil was soo screwball comedy-esque! It just makes me go 'who woulda thunk that Shekhar Kapur' could make such a perfect in all ways to me film! That too before or after Masoom, can't remember the dates! My devotion to this film knows no end because I printed a t-shirt saying 'hail mogambo' on it! But Sridevi just proved herself to be the best comedienne out of all the 80's gals, with that very cinephile pleasing Charlie Chaplin scene!


It is very interesting to think about the colours of costumes and how they define the characters. It's such a simple observation but rich in food for thought. I (re)watched Mr India recently and the costumes are definitely one of the talking points (I agree that Sridevi's costumes deserve a post all to their own!) especially Mogambo and with wide variety of henchmen.

Looking forward to part two!


@Rum Sridevi *was* fabulous in the film -- but so was Anil. The unassuming Arun could have been totally overwhelmed by Seema, but he wasn't. He was charming, sweet, delightful, happy -- and determined when it counted most. I think I fell in love with Arun all over again watching the film this week. :-)

@Rossywar Colour is something I think about a great deal, mostly unconsciously, so for me it's a very good exercise to think about it consciously for a change. It proved fortuitous to try it out with Mr. India, and I'll certainly be doing it again.

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