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Wow! Even Antarra's copy didn't work properly: http://antarrasramblings.blogspot.com/2009/01/gair-kanooni-1989.html


When I finally get my computer situation fixed, I will give it a try. I'm so distressed, though, about how bad this film seems to be. I love Prayag Raj and am confident he is a genius as a writer...but need to learn that doesn't translate into being a good director, I guess. Eeee. I proceed with caution.


That's exactly the thought I was forming this morning -- thinking about some writers move easily into the director's chair, and others -- not so much.

Thing is: all the ingredients are there. And there are, truly, some moments where it's terrific (especially the fight scenes with Govinda and Rajnikanth - and Rajni is just so delicious and over the top).

Kader Khan's character, though, is truly awful. I've tried looking at him and his terrible, terrible views (he trades the babies because girls are these awful creatures who ruin your lives, and he is so totally immoral it isn't funny) and seeing him as mouthing stuff that needed to be considered, and Sridevi certainly tries to counter his arguments, but in the end?

One. Hot. Mess.

But truly interesing to think about, that is for sure. And such a shame, because Govinda and Sridevi are so cute together.

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