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funny, I just got my hands on the same 3 soundtracks. I love Pe loo from OUTM coz it has that qawali sounds i love and Amit Trivedi is awesome in everything he does.
I think the main culprit for remixes are some of the music directors esp Pritam who use it as a crux to promote movies. For me, I usually avoid anything dancey, I do like the acoustic versions though. You made me laugh with the YRF and edgy line...


Asim, what I find quite interesting about the OUTM soundtrack is that contrast between qawali and then the very 70s inspired tracks. It's not what I might want to listen to at the gym, which is where most of my music listening happens, but I do think it bodes well for the film.

As for the remixes, well, again, the gym is the standard I'm looking for: do they make me want to move, or are they just trite and annoying? If someone makes the effort to do something a little interesting so that it inspires my workout, that's cool. More often than not, though, the remixes are lazy, and they occasionally are a lazy and cheap way to pad a film's soundtrack (you know what I mean: two original songs and 6 remixes of them. Oy.)

Mostly, I prefer a remix where they've got someone who actually knows something about putting one together to do it.


oh right, i wasn't thinking of Gym music but speaking generally.( i actually listen to podcast when I work out, I find music makes me fidgety and breaks my routine as I play Ipod DJ too much :-))

You do know who we have to blame for this whole remix thing though? Sanjay Gupta...


And if I just think about remixes in a general, non-gym sense, I'm pretty much of the mindset that maybe, unless the remix is pretty spectacular, then really, there isn't much point to them?

Do you suppose Gupta's ears are burning, now that the blame has been placed on his doorstep?


OOH YOU'RE BACK! Obviously, I've only heard the Lafangey Parindey s/t so far but I'm about to find me the Aisha one based on your ebullient squee, and also, because, duh, AMIT TRIVEDI - how did I not know this earlier?

I think, based on my limited knowledge/ experience, I agree with your remix theory. I kind of hate most remixes as a rule anyway. They are usually abominations. USUALLY.


Oh, Ness, I am *so* pumped for Aisha. I can't believe I waited this long to listen to the soundtrack, and I can't *believe* I missed out on the fact that it was Trivedi. Mind you, lots is slipping in one ear and out the other these days.

If I'm back, it's because you keep making me THINK about stuff, and I have to put it *somewhere*.



I'm nothing if not...persistent :)

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