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Rob (a.k.a. The Tech Guy)

Hey, I thought *I* was the thinking woman's sex symbol ;-)


GREAT idea! And I could not agree more on Abhay. I would watch anything for him so do send up a flare if you want more audience members for your film festival :) I did not particularly care for Ahista Ahista, but of course he's wonderful in it.


Do join in, Beth!

I just need find to sit down and write, and Socha Na Tha write up is, indeed, coming shortly.

Ahista, Ahista broke my heart (and pushed a couple of buttons), so I'd be very glad to know what you think in more detail.

I should have both those up this week sometime, I'm just a lazy poster these days.

(Psst. A thought. If you wanted to watch Ahista, Ahista together at some point, that might be a lot of fun...or even any of the other films...)

Anandini Sekhar

I just have to say that those three girls in that poster have the WORST POSTURE EVER. It is highly disturbing.


Yes, but surely they made them pose that way, and one assumes for a reason? Especially since Abhay is giving them A Look.

(I hope. I hope it's not now somehow fashionable to stoop.)



I can't wait to hear what you have to say about Socha Na Tha, which I haven't gotten around to watching yet. Ever since Shweta fell totally in love with him after Dev.D I've been curious about Abhay (and he was great in Manorama).

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