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I stopped watching Raja Babu because of the eternal movie wrecker Shakti Kapoor. But obviously, I'm going to have to suck it up and give it another chance. Because OMG TOO AWESOME FOR WORDS.


After about five viewings of this film, I managed to be able to watch it and tune Shakti out.

It's really sad, because this is a virtual scene by scene remake of a southie film, and where Dhawan changes it? Is to add more of the servant character, IE, MORE Shakti, which is really the worst decision he could have made, because, once again -- and especially in the second half -- we have some very good Govinda moments (not the least of which is his Dharmendra imitation), that are ruined by TOO MUCH SHAKTI.



Slowly I am becoming immune to the movie wreckers. I will SUCK IT UP. That screenshot, OMG it has sold me. AWESOMENESS. Because Dharam-Veer is too amazing anyway, GOVINDA taking it on, BE STILL MY BEATING DIL :)


Oooh I haven't watched this one in agggesss! Agree with Ness, Shakti Kapoor just brings out the creep factor, but sometimes Shakti is better than having countless Johnny Levers and Kader Khans next to Govinda!


I would take Johnny Lever ANY DAY.


I would take Johny Lever AND Kader Khan (and he's in this film already, anyway) over Shakti. Especialy comic Shakti.

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