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It's been a while since I watched Socha Na Tha, but I remember quite liking it, I thought it was sweet. Based on all the interesting little snippets of background info you have uncovered in your review, it obviously merits a rewatch.


On the whole, I do quite like it, and it *is* sweet, especially in the moments when Deol and Takia are together onscreen. I've certainly watched it more than once (er....maybe five or six times now...), and on first viewing, the sweet is what I came away with.

But the families are a little much at times.

And as first films go, I think it's a pretty admirable start to several careers.

And I *do* love that last half hour. So much of it just comes together and is just so right at that point. Viren suddenly knows what he needs to do, his relationship with his father in particular improves, the father becomes this lovely figure instead of a caricature, and the ending is just perfect. It's really worth it just for that, at least for me.

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