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You know, I'd never been a big Govinda fan until this week. I'm so glad you got this week going, I'm learning about so many new films that I need to see! Great post :)


I think the big problem with Govinda -- and I say this as a huge fan -- is that there are definitely some dud films out there, and invariably, someone ends up with a dud as their first Govinda experience and it just puts them off everything. Even a film like Aankhen requires some patience with the antics of Munnu and Bunnu :-)

I'm having an enormous amount of fun with this, and there are some films I've yet to see that some of the posts this week have made me want to watch as soon as possible.


HAHAH you retracted your 'wet Govinda' statement! THAT IS MY FAVOURITE THING TO COME OUT OF CHI CHI WEEK THUS FAR!


Great podcast by the way - I'm gonna have to make some time to go back and listen to all your archives :)


Thanks -- but please to be avoiding Episode 11 like the plague. I refuse to pull it because I think you have to own everything you do, but it's a little....er....cringeworthy.

I have rather a lovely discussion with a friend of mine who's an actor in L.A regarding Striker that I need to get edited and put up, especially as he was kind enough to actually WATCH the film for me and I've been sitting on that audio for far too long now.


I actually own Aankhen without subs too! hahaha, that's how much I love Govinda and Chunky. I still remember Shola Aur Shabnam songs (RP Divya)


Ha, Nicki, like you, I've got a whack of Govinda films here with no subs. I can follow basic stuff, but the intricacies of complicated plot stuff is still beyond me.

I really think Divya could have been a very good pairing with Govinda -- though I've not seen the other film she made with him yet. Yes, too bad she died far too young.

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