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Maybe we should just write a script? Ensuring a) an awesome role for Govinda, b) our tickets to Bollywood and accompanying fame, fortune and glamour, and c) CHI CHI WEEK NEVER ACTUALLY HAS TO END.


Also: HAHAH THANKS for the shoutout screencaps! Fangirl No.1. indeed...I'm collecting random nicknames this week! If my Hatya dvd ever arrives (seriously, WHERE IS IT UNIVERSE?) I don't see how it could be anything other than TRUE LOVE at this point.


You know, if you watch it, and you hate it, I will feel so guilty. I do wonder if my love for this film is disproportionate with its actual quality.



I'm pretty sure based on the facts, I'm gonna love it. Or at least STRONGLY LIKE.


Lovely caps! I want a re-watch. Right. Now.


High praise from the Queen of Screencaps, thank you Nicki.

Hopefully, more people will want to watch Hatya, but I love the film so much I can no longer be truly objective about it.

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