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Wow, I just simply love this film so much and a bit sad that it's not original and a remake of a Tamil film!!


Oh, I know what you mean -- I was surprised not to have known it was a remake, though if they had to do a remake, I'd prefer they not tinker too much with the story and screw up what they liked about the original.

I don't think that fact can kill my love for this film, though.


A case of jinx, i've just posted a comment over at Nicki's blog that it was from a tamil film, this film was one i had in mind to review for chichi week but Nicki had already written it up fabulously


I've purposely avoided Nicki's write-up of this before I do my own -- but I will say, I don't think you can have too many reviews of any film, because each of us brings something different to the film and our opinion of it.

And I also think Hatya is a film that needs to be seen, and the more people who write about it, the more people who might be tempted :-)



I just looked at Wikipedia and it seemed that the original is the Malayalam film, instead


I don't think I would love Hatya any less. However, I do want to see all the versions since on the Wiki page, it indicated that all three versions have different endings....


How fabulous! Thanks for catching that, Nicki!

Why am I not surprised though? Every time I find a well-written, well done Malayalam film, it ends up being remade, so there should be no suprise here.

And given it has Mammootty in it, I should be able to find it at the store that carries Malayalam films -- they have an extensive Mammootty collection to search through.

I'm with you -- I want to see all three now.

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