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I refer to Govinda as Chi Chi ALL THE TIME on my blog, and in conversation (with the utmost love and affection), but if I ever met the man, I would NEVER call him Chi Chi. It would be Govinda-ji all the way.

I think I read a similar article and the impression I got was that he gets annoyed at the familiarity people assume at using a nickname TO HIS FACE that close friends and family use with him. Same as Salman Khan getting annoyed when people he doesn't know call him Sallu.

I feel the same way when people I have only just met think it's okay to shorten my name. It's creepy and overly familiar.


Um also : these badges are WAY TOO AWESOME


Yes, exactly, I know what you mean, and I'd be the same way -- I just wanted to make sure, especially in a public space, that I showed that I respected that, and wouldn't assume familiarity -- but also, that we use the nickname in the public space, too, simply to convey the love we all feel for him through his films.

And yes, the badges are so many kinds of awesome that I'm still pinching myself. :-)

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