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Before watching Wanted, check out the original Pokiri. Even though i am squeemish about violence, i totally digged Pokiri because of the amazing **Mahesh Babu**. And a major plus is the fab music. Later on seeing the Tamil Pokkiri, i couldn't warm upto it, because Vijay is no Mahesh Babu. I'm not sure how Wanted would fare as Salman is 15 years too old for the role.


The original Pokiri has been recommended to me several times, and I will be certain to check it out at some point.

Salman is always 15 years too old for the roles these days ;-) But he's not alone, many of the 40-something stars seem reluctant to grow into something more age-appropriate. Not that I can blame them, I suppose, there are days when I still think I'm twenty, too.

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