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what a shallow comparison !!


Perhaps. But I'd argue that it's the type of comparison we make, automatically, when we have these clips coming at us. It's our initial exposure to things, and the first impression. Why else would the marketing people do this, than to try to capture our attention and, by extension, make us interested enough to actually go to a theatre and put our money down and buy a ticket?

Is either of those clips enough to give me an adequate indication of whether either of those films will be good or not? Absolutely not, and it could be that I'm wrong, and "Wanted" could turn out to be the better of the two films. I can't tell that from just watching snips of the film. BUT -- that's what the marketing and publicity people have decided will give me enough information to make a decision about which film I'll take the time to go and see, so perhaps the whole business of publicizing a film is just one futile exercise in shallowness.

Now -- that said, I think if you'd actually wanted to start a discussion you might have taken a moment to challenge me to think more deeply about what I'm saying, rather than just leaving a glib and scathing, and, yes, rather shallow comment that doesn't add anything at all.

And frankly, it's my blog. I reserve the right to explore a subject in as much depth (or not) as I feel on any given day. On the day I posted those clips, I had just watched them both, and had this automatic reaction to them. That quick, subjective reaction is just as valid as any other thing I post here, though if you take the time to read/listen to what else I post, you'll see that it's not *all* I do here, either.

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